As a Fraud investigation agency we can help identify fraud offences, collaborate evidence, and provide our clients with a clear case strategy for presentation to the appropriate body for further action.


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Our mission as Fraud Investigators is to offer the very best advice and legal representation. We can represent you as your Fraud Investigator in both Civil and Criminal cases, with the aim of giving you the very best opportunity to achieve the outcome which you desire. Companies that act immediately by talking to a Fraud Investigator, and address fraud, bribery and corruption head-on, have an advantage with real business benefits. Adjutant Fraud helps companies manage risk and investigate alleged misconduct.

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Our clients always have access to our legal teams for advice and planning throughout the process. When unusual financial activity is suspected, we employ our Fraud Investigating services to investigate, perform electronic evidence discovery and review financial reports. And if necessary, we can provide expert witness testimony to explain our findings.

Our general investigators are deployed in the first line of all enquiries. Adjutant Fraud helps companies manage risk, investigate alleged misconduct & Fraud In Business and measure the financial implications of disputes.

As an Investigation Agency we have access to an independent team of forensic accountants who work closely with us as fraud investigators, all areas of investigation. This access to a team of seasoned forensic accountants is important, to be able to provide expert advice on complex financial issues relating to Fraud.